International Recruiters

We provide a service for foreign registered nurses who desire to work in the United states. This is accomplished by a process of steps that will lead nurses to the job of their dreams. International Recruiters will make your journey as smooth as possible by first offering free online English training for the IELTS EXAM if needed. This allows nurses to study from home or where they are most comfortable.

We also provide guidance and study materials for the NCLEX and take responsibility for immigration processing. Most of all secure nurses their opportunity of a lifetime by matching them with a great employer (hospital, nursing home, clinic, doctors office etc…).


Why International Recruiters?

1. Online IELTS classes available at affordable prices with free materials. All courses taught by IELTS Masterclass instructors delivered by The Best Educators.

2. International Recruiters immediately sponsors you for job searches in 3 different states in the USA.

3. IR makes sure all documents for licensure are filed correctly for credential purposes ( CES/CGFNS/VISA SCREEN).

4. Provide free study materials for NCLEX.

5. IR file documents for immigrant visa/green card.

6 IR negotiates the best transparent contract on your behalf.


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Our Methodology

International Recruiters founded in spring 2016 offers an opportunity for foreign nurses to change their lives by becoming employed as registered nurses in the United States. Our method allows nurses to be transitioned from around the globe to the United States. We provide online education for English to ensure a successful pass rate of a ban 7 or more on the IELTS examination. Our courses are delivered online with live instruction from experienced teachers.

NCLEX instructions are also delivered online with live interactive instructions. International Recruiters being a US company has also aligned with several immigration affiliates, legal counsel and health facilities, for nurses to look forward to a positive ending.

Our Mission

International Recruiters will provide foreign nurses the ability to work in the United States and live out their dreams. Our goal is to bring a needed service to our country which has been falling short when it comes to staffing health facilities with the number of qualified nurses which satisfies the concerns of the United States public.

We will increase the number of Registered nurses by providing future polished employees for health facilities in the US.


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