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We Offer IELTS Preparation and English courses with online interactive instructions at 150USD a month


About Us

We provide a service for foreign registered nurses who desire to work in the United States. This is accomplished by a process of steps that will lead nurses to the job of their dreams. International Recruiters will make your journey as smooth as possible by first offering monthly online English training for the IELTS EXAM if needed. This allows nurses to study from home or where they are most comfortable.

We also provide guidance and study materials for the NCLEX and take responsibility for immigration processing. Most of all secure nurses their opportunity of a lifetime by matching them with a great employer (hospital, nursing home, clinic, doctors office etc…).

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Eight Steps and Your In


Register, Take placement test, Sign contract, Immigration process begins


Take course qualified for IELTS, BASIC ENGLISH, NCLEX, SOFT SKILLS


Pass IELTS exam.


Pass NCLEX, IR finds employment


Get RN immigrant visa


Get an RN visa interview and medical examination


Accept your job offer and take employment medical exam


Get an RN resuscitation certificate