Our Programs


The IELTS preparation course consist of teaching students strategies for achieving a passing score of 7 or above on the IELTS EXAM. The 4 areas of study are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The courses are taught by highly skilled and trained English instructors with all having experience of 5 years or more. Students will have 24 hour access to study material and tutoring is available on an as need basis.


The basic English courses are for students who are not quite ready for IELTS prep classes. These courses are designed to give the students more fundamental English which would include pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Students at their pace will move forward and eventually begin IELTS prep training. Students also receive great instructions, 24 hour access to all materials , and tutoring on an as need basis.


NCLEX training will be completed online with live instructors but also with study materials for nurses to use at their own pace. Licensing process will begin during this time as each state in the US has different requirements. Students are given tons of material to review questions that have been used on past NCLEX exams.


The soft skill training will help prepare RN”s for their positions in the US. They will be working with actual doctors at times who will express what is expected of nurses working in health facilities in the US. Medical and pharmacy terminology will especially be focused on for English pronunciation, listening, and spelling.


Nurses will pay a fee for the placement test for English 100 AED and 500 AED per month maintenance fee. The maintenance fee will allow them to stay in the program each month until their goal is reached. They will be provided with 24 hr access to each lecture for their specific program. Students will also be able to take IELTS practice exams on a weekly basis