Wisconsin NCLEX Application – Nursing Step 1: Applying with the Wisconsin DSPS Wisconsin NCLEX Application: General Information: The DSPS recommends that new graduates send in their applications 6-8 weeks before their anticipated date of graduation.   DSPS Contact: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8935 Madison, WI 53708-8935 Phone: 608.266.2112 Fax: 608.261.7083   Let’s get started: Here is the actual registered nurse application form. Print out a copy and begin applying! You will need to pay a state board fee of $90.


Wyoming NCLEX Application – Nursing   Step 1: Applying with the Wyoming Board of Nursing Wyoming NCLEX Application: This link takes you to the Wyoming Board of Nursing Home. You can refer to this website, if needed, for more details. Start Here: Go to the Wyoming Board of Nursing Home and choose the appropriate application form for you from the drop-down tab titled ‘Apply’. International Students: Instructions for those educated or endorsed from foreign schools can be found by contacting the board of nursing. Board of Nursing Contact:

  • Mailing Address: Wyoming State Board of Nursing 130 Hobbs Avenue, Suite B Cheyenne, WY 82002
  • Email:
  • General Phone:(307) 777-7601
Follow the instructions on the application closely.


Hawaii Registered Nurse License Requirements The Application Process and NCLEX-RN The candidate should request an application or download it from the site of the Hawaii Board ( The candidate will need to verify that the candidate has completed the educational requirements. The candidate will also need to submit a $40 application fee. An approved candidate will be sent a bulletin which details the process of registering for the NCLEX-RN. There is a $200 fee for examination. The candidate will wait to receive the ATT (Authorization to Test), then schedule an exam. Out of State and International RNs Graduates of accredited nursing programs in other jurisdictions may be eligible for licensure by endorsement. They will need to provide license verification either though an official document (with seal) or online at Candidates who have already taken an acceptable licensing exam (NCLEX or SBTPE) will not be required to do so again. International candidates must have equivalency evaluated though the CGFNP. They are responsible for taking the NCLEX. Canadian nurses who took the SBTPE may be exempted from the NCLEX requirement.


RN Licensure Requirements in Idaho The Application Process Click here to download the application. The candidate may also get a head start on the fingerprinting process. The candidate must make sure that the candidate has the correct card for fingerprinting. The candidate should attach a passport type photo to the application and have the affidavit notarized. The application/ licensing fee is $90. The fingerprinting fee is currently $34 but will increase to $42 July 1, 2013. Candidates who want to work under temporary licenses while going through the examination process must remit an additional $25. These fees may be combined and paid to the Idaho Board. $200 will be paid to the testing company. For candidates not residing in Idaho An RN who is currently licensed and in good standing in another state may apply for license by endorsement. A verification form and employer reference will be required. Some states use to simplify the verification process. A candidate who has at any point been licensed by one of the states listed in the application packet will be able to handle license verification through a single online form (even if the candidate has been licensed in multiple states). Other candidates use paper forms. The endorsement fee is $110. The candidate will also need to pay for fingerprinting. A nurse who has not been in active practice during the three years preceding may be required to do a refresher


RN Requirements in Indiana The Application Process and the NCLEX-RN A candidate will need to take some preliminary steps, including having a 2 ½ by 3 ½ photograph taken. The application includes questions about legal and professional history. Any ‘yes’ answers will require explanation in the form of a sworn affidavit. (The exception is if the candidate has already applied to the Indiana Board for a license and the facts have not changed.) The candidate will submit an application with a $50 fee. Click Here for the Application forms and related materials. The candidate will have a background check completed once the candidate receives notification that the application has arrived. (If there is other information missing from the application file, the candidate will receive an email to this effect.) The candidate must also register with Pearson to take the NCLEX-RN ( The candidate will pay a $200 testing fee upon registration, but will not schedule an exam until the candidate receives the ATT. The candidate may schedule at a Pearson site of choice (either in Indiana or another state). The successful candidate will receive an email with a license number. The unsuccessful candidate will receive written notification and a retake application. The candidate will need to pay additional fees for re-examination. The Indiana Board will allow up to three examination attempts before requiring a candidate to make an appearance. Out-of-State RNs A nurse who is licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction can apply by endorsement, assuming the candidate has passed the NCLEX or its predecessor, the SBTPE. The nurse will need to provide license verification for all healthcare licenses the candidate has held. An endorsement candidate may be issued a temporary permit which will get working sooner. For this, the candidate will need a copy of the current license. Internationally Educated Nurses Indiana does accept the CNATS exam for licensing purposes provided it was administered in English. Thus Canadian nurses may be eligible for licensure by endorsement. Nurses from other nations are eligible for endorsement only if they have already passed the NCLEX in another jurisdiction. They are eligible for license by examination, but must first pass a qualifying exam through the Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. They must also provide license verification from the country where they received their nursing degree. Transcripts should show the time spent in theory and in clinical education. Applicants may call the Indiana Board of Nursing at (317) 234-2043 with questions and to confirm they are on the correct path.


RN Requirements in North Dakota RN License Application Process The candidate should go online to fill out the license application and pay the $130 fee ( Registration with the testing company incurs an additional $200 fee. Both steps must be completed before North Dakota will issue a 90 day work authorization. Both must be completed, too, before the graduate can be sent an ATT and allowed to schedule an examination session. RN by Endorsement An RN who passed the required exam in another jurisdiction can apply for license by endorsement. In addition to the application itself, the candidate will need a criminal background check, official transcripts, and license verification from the first state where the candidate held licensing. The candidate may be issued a temporary permit once the application, transcripts, and fee have arrived. If the nurse is not a relatively recent graduate and has not practiced at least 400 hours in the preceding four years, the candidate will need to do a refresher course, however. Students in refresher programs may be eligible for a forgivable loan though the Nursing Education Loan Program ( There is a link to a downloadable application. International Nurses Internationally educated nurses must have their coursework evaluated for equivalency by a professional evaluation service, CGFNS ( Ultimately, they will submit their CGNFS certificate and apply for licensure by examination. A social security number is required for licensure. Canadian applicants do not need a CGNFS certificate


RN License Requirements in Oregon The Application Process Out of State RNs Out of state candidates may apply by examination or endorsement, depending on what stage they are in their career. The endorsement application is online. In many instances, license verification can be handled online as well. The candidate will need verification from the first state of licensure as well as the most recent one. An RN applying by endorsement pays $195 plus an additional $52 for fingerprint processing. Nurses who have been out of the field a while should be prepared to do a re-entry course. Internationally Educated Nurses Internationally educated nurses apply for licensure by examination if they have never been licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction. They will need to get a CGFNS certificate or VisaScreen or, at the least, have their credentials evaluated by one of the approved agencies: CGFNS, ERES, or IERF. If the nursing program was not in English, an English proficiency exam will be required as well. The Board has provided details, including contact information, about each of the approved agencies ( Fees will vary. Internationally educated nurses who have already gone through the licensing process in another state may apply by endorsement. However, there are slightly different documentation requirements than there are for endorsement candidates who were educated in the United States ( International endorsement candidates should submit their CGFNS certificate or VisaScreen or, if they don’t have one, a copy of their educational equivalency evaluation and evidence of English proficiency. An endorsement candidate who practiced in the United States for at least 960 hours in the prior two years is considered English proficient; the same goes for one who did the majority of nursing coursework in English. Having passed the NCLEX in the prior two years will also be accepted as evidence. If none of these conditions are met, the nurse must provide scores from an English proficiency exam.


RN License Requirements in Rhode Island Application Process Before the candidate even applies to the Board, the candidate should register for the exam and pay the fee. This is not the same as actually scheduling – the candidate will do this later after the candidate been found eligible. The candidate will also request a criminal background check and make a transcript request. The background check should be done promptly as Rhode Island does not authorize candidates to take the NCLEX until their background has been reviewed. At this point, the candidate will submit the application and pay the fee ( An RN candidate pays $135. Out of State RNs A nurse who took the licensing exam in another jurisdiction may be licensed by endorsement. The candidate will need to provide official license verification. An internationally educated RN may be eligible for license by examination if the candidate has credentials evaluated by an approved evaluation service and they are found to be at the appropriate level. Even if the internationally educated nurse has since applied for, and been licensed by, a U.S. state, the candidate will need to provide evidence of credential evaluation and successful performance on an English language proficiency exam


RN License Requirements in South Dakota Applying for Licensure RN by Endorsement An out-of-state RN should request fingerprint cards from the Board by calling (605) 362-2760 or going online. The candidate will request transcripts and provide license verification from the original state of licensure. The candidate will also verify employment. If the candidate does not have 480 hours in the previous six years, or 140 in one year, the candidate will need to do a refresher course. The Board asks that endorsement candidates seeking re-entry contact them about approved courses. A candidate who appears to meet requirements may be issued a temporary permit if the candidate submits a photocopy of a current license with the application and fees. The candidate will also need to submit fingerprint cards. International Nurses A nurse who did their education in a Canadian province in the English language has requirements that are similar to a U.S. educated nursing graduate applying by exam ( If the candidate has been out of school more than six years, the candidate is expected to show verification of employment: 480 hours accrued at some point over the preceding six years or 140 hours during a 12 month period over the preceding six years. The applicant will need a U.S. social security number. Other internationally educated candidates should pursue CGFNS certification before applying to the South Dakota Board for NCLEX permission. An international nurse is eligible to work under a temporary permit pending NCLEX examination.


RN License Requirements in Washington DC The Application Process and NCLEX-RN Application packets are available on the Board site ( The candidate will also need two passport-type photographs. The application fee is $187. Registering to take the NCLEX is a separate step ( The candidate registers, pays the fee, and then waits to receive authorization to test. The Board expects candidates to pass the exam within three years of the time they first became eligible (which is generally figured by graduation date). The District of Columbia Nurses Association is a professional organization for RNs ( Out-of-State and International RNs An RN who is currently licensed in another state or U.S. territory can apply by endorsement, provided the candidate has already passed the NCLEX-RN or its predecessor. The candidate will need to provide license verification. The application is to be submitted with a $230 fee. An internationally educated nurse should take an exam through CGFNS and be in possession of a certificate before applying to the DC Board. A candidate will need to demonstrate English proficiency through examination unless English was the sole language of instruction. (If the nurse has since been licensed in the U.S. and meets the experience requirement, this does not apply.) Documents that are not in English will need to be translated. The translator will need to attest to their accuracy